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AMIDAH is a brand of multifunctional handbags, inspired by minimalism, women, and English culture.

AMIDAH is a significant prayer requesting and thanking the higher powers for our most basic needs in life.
AMIDAH means standing and is also referred to as the 18, after the number of blessings this prayer originally contained.

Each AMIDAH piece embodies the versatile, blessed, woman.

Founded in 2015 by British mother & daughter designers Lisa and Jordanna Cantor,

AMIDAH sprang from the mother-daughter’s shared love for freedom, effortless beauty, and versatility.

The original prototype was created by hand at home & when Lisa could find nothing at all similar in any retailer, we redesigned and AMIDAH was born.

AMIDAH holds great pride in being a fully vegan brand.

AMIDAH is energized by the evolving modern woman. The brand is solidified in the belief that humans should not have to sacrifice their abilities in order to carry their belongings, hands-free.

AMIDAH emulates this Moda Operandi with its patented 5-way multifunctional aspect.

Waist-belt, backpack, cross-body, shoulder, clutch, all in one.

100% Vegan. 100% fair trade. 100% unique.